Pill Report: Red UPS

North Italy

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February 24, 2015
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They feel like they are pressed harder than dominos, harder to break in halves
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February 24, 2015
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MDxx High
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Since that's my first report I'd like to introduce myself as it might help to relate this report to your experience.

We have been popping pills for quite some time now and have tried most of the best sellers last year, including dominos, bugattis, youtubes etc.
All pills were always rated MDxx High in every report so I guess I got used to these high values, being very tall (~2mt x 95kgs) has helped so my standard dose is about 1.5x 200mg pills.

Since I had read the two reports available here and wasn't really sure about their quality (new supplier) I only dropped half.

2am: First half dropped, felt really sturdy and hard to break even with teeth
2.30am: After 30mins I started to feel lightheaded and quite euphoric, still no sign of the funny feeling in the stomach area I always have had in the prev. experiences
2.45am: BOOM. It hit me right in the head, music started to sound more complete in its spectrum, visual hallucinations started too. Never ever has half a pill felt this way.
3.10am: We're high as kites, no clenching so far and everything just feels amazing. I drop the other half (total: 1pill)
4.30am: I don't feel the urge to smoke weed to ease the pill, instead I drop another half. (total: 1.5pills)
5.15am: I have already capped my normal dosage but loving the feeling and as the party was still going on hard I decide to drop another quarter (1.75 total). The feeling just isn't as the second and third halves I had before, they came up pretty quick and powerful while this quarter just gives me the feeling to delay a little bit the coming down but probably just didn't do as much.
7.30am: 5hrs in and still very high. My decisional process clearly isn't working properly and I drop the last quarter I had on me totalling 2pills.
9.30am: Coming back home, still feeling high and very empathic. The high will last until about 11am - longest ever. Haven't been able to sleep for the whole day so I just did stuff.

With this dosage clenching in the end was pretty heavy, I successfully eased it having gums but the next days my jaw just felt like coming off, had serious hard time even eating! :D

This whole experience has been very pleasant, we felt chatty the whole time and the music/lights just were amazing as you'd imagine.
I felt like these pills are different in coming up compared to the dominos or the youtube, someone here's saying they probably use a different precursor and this might be it - I'm no chemist tho.
I also think that if I would have dropped 2x dominos or bugattis I'd probably feel much more hungover than I am now 3days later. The first time I dropped 1.5x dominos I have been sick for a week!

Depression and general low still have to hit me and I'm starting to ask if this would be the case, it's not like I always feel down after use tho. The next day and the day after again I had the worst headache ever and felt very dull, that's probably influenced by the lack of sleep as well.

I haven't ragent tested these pills but as goes for taste they are less bitter than the others mentioned in this report.
I will post a picture later today, sorry for the lack in the meantime.

Thanks for reading


wizardmcnew2 (member since September 25, 2014)

Great report ! Great pills had 2 on Friday dropped a full one at 10.15 came up by 11 was off it for few hrs dropped another full one at 1.30am although it wasn't really needed eyes were rolling about still off 1st one haha

February 25, 2015, 2:59 pm GMT

tssbh26 (member since July 26, 2014)

I've had the yellows a few times, one time I dropped half a yellow I got major visual enhancements and huge tracers off everything in the room. It lasted for about 20 minutes (during the comeup) then settled down into the roll, still as amazing pills as ever. Just so strong, I prefer to take two thirds of a half lmao. Crazy shit.
PLUR everyone :)

March 6, 2015, 9:52 am GMT

pornboi (member since October 30, 2014)

you had to ask your supplier about the dosis per pill, and ask what to do first half or a quarter..just for your estimation..

March 11, 2015, 1:42 am GMT