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June 24, 2017
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Got these new Orange BOOM! tested last week at 240mgs of mdma! Clean strong beans!

Average weighth is around 500mgs.

Euphoria: 8/10
Eye Wiggles: 10/10
Body high: 8/10
Jaw Clenching: 9/10
Empathy: 7/10
Last Update
June 30, 2017
Orange - White specks
3D - Cut Out
Smooth - Waxed
Beveled front and back
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
Mandelin Reagent
Marquis Reagent
User Report

I took the first half, after half an hour i still didn't feel anything. Normally i feel pills very quickly so i mentioned to my friends that i would drop the other half as well. My friends who took the half a bit earlier than me, warned me to wait a bit longer. Glad i listned to them.

After about 45min the pill graduately came up. I got spacier(wausser) by the minute. One eye of mine dropped close (always had that with strong pills, looks bit like a lazy eye). I felt very talkative and the effects after about an hour after ingestion where taken full effects. I was very loved up, talkative, vision was blurry, had problems focussing where i was standing hèhè. After about 3 hours starting to land back on earth.

I decided to take another half, after the first half hitting me full with its effects, i wasn't very good in keeping track of time anymore. The second half also took about 45 minutes to hit me. Effects were euphoric and even a bit of a rush, after second half i started noticing typical mdma hallucinations. It was very pleasant to me and gave a sense of extra dimension to the experience. I loved it, the feeling and effects remembered me of my early days taking e.

After about 3 hours orso i took another half, it already got a bit of light outside, the half also hit me again but felt little less cosy, maybe because it was becoming light already and since we were all tripping balls, nobody kept the campfire alive. Still we all enjoyed the experience very much.

After tripping for hours on these pills, we all still felt energetic after effects graduately wore off, no harsh come down. Also i haven't got hangover or headaches or trouble sleeping. Just felt fined days after.

These pills take a while to kick in, they come up smooth. Be carefull with your dosage because these are strong.
Nothing like the 240mg MDMA monster pill I was promised. But still better than the Snapchat's, Lego & Heisenbergs.

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