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Yellow Stewie Ecstacy


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November 16, 2019
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Yellow Stewie pill from Paris. Was told it was of the “bon classe” (good class).
Yellow Stewie
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Mecke Reagent
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Originally encountered this pill at the end of August. Bought more in November. Both instances tested positive for MDMA, green flash then black for the Mecke test. I read there was bad reports in the early 2010s but these batch of pills seem alright. Felt like a typical ecstasy pill. Spent the night at a club, enjoyed the time there, come up wasn’t too bad, but on the come down I was tripping a bit (time felt weird, confusion, forgetfulness, etc), but normal compared to my previous comedowns. In total I probably only consumed 1 whole pill (or slightly less) over the night.

The following is a report (edited) of how the night went.
00:40 it is taken
1:04 I want to dance I guess but I don’t really feel anything
1:07 starting to get a Buzz
1:15 I kind of want some gum
1:20 wow it’s only been 13 minutes since I started to feel so not bad I feel all tingly
1:32 so I think the come up is happening and I’m starting to wow
1:52 pretty high feeling good
2:53 time for sunglasses
3:04 wanna take some more
3:09 okay just took another quarter, sitting down feels nice
3:33 I’m beginning to feel the tingles again!
3:38 yaaaaas
3:56 ahh feeling great again! Yay for new friends
4:03 yeah def feel like the second come up is over and I can enjoy!! Du du du dudadab!
4:14shir my eyes are ducking up a lot but this is incredible it is time for a pee break
4:23 damn feeling group but my poor eyes. I like chewing the lollipop straw
4:53 straw taste good but maybe not good for my teeth.
5:06 took a little bit more alright let’s party
5:08 i liking the space we have now and it’s not too hot but close the the speakers and has some air, wowowowowow I feel so good
5:58 wow it’s been 6 hours already shit!
6:45 we are home but I’m still so high
7:30 sleep


buurman mol (member since September 10, 2019)

Thanks for reporting! These pills are great, tested at 224- 232 at . The bad pill from ten years ago was a little lighter, but if you bought these be careful and test them before use.

November 21, 2019, 2:19 pm GMT

scatterday (Administrator)

Very well presented report, Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Glad to hear you had a safe and enjoyable night.

December 24, 2019, 8:04 am GMT