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White Domino


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July 22, 2014
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They are well pressed and the look like real domino
min. 200mg of MDMA
Domino Spots
5.0 mm
11.0 mm
With corners
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
User Report

I was at that enormous D&B party and I already tooked in one time a mitsubishi (really bad).
Because I had really a bad trip with the mitsubishi mee and a friend decide at like 2am to buy a domino pill with a friend.
I taked a half and waited outside with a joint waiting for it to come.
After 30min i felt it coming really hard i begon to look pretty fast everywhere and I had good, but really powerfull hallucinations.
After 10min I felt bad and needed to go to the sound.
I couldn't stop dacing for like 2hours,and my mouth couldn't stop mooving.
After the party, I just feeled stupid and I had no problem too sleep.
I din't had any depression in the days that followed.


tawil1 (member since July 23, 2014)

just got back home from 11 (** no event discussion**) in boom / belgium i got 2 of those on the 1st day let me tell you something that pill is soooo fucking hot !!! i took half a pill felt nothing for like a hour cuz i ate before it some heavy belgium fires ( shouldn't have ) so i took another half , 30 mins later after digesting the fries and the pill BOOM ! just like that everything 3as fucking dandy ! i felt sooo amazing and what was even better is that i didnt move my jaw or bited on my teeth it was very smooth and it didnt have any speed i was able to stop dancing go the shop to but redbull sit on the floor smoke a cigarette very normally then go back dancing again felt like a king for 3 hours , then another half after that for another 3 hours then another half after 2 and half an hour i kept partying for about 9 hours straight without exhausting my self ( cuz i could just sit down for like half an hours anytime i want feeling extremely happy , when i went back to the hotel i slept like a baby and had no downer at all, bad thing that wasn't able to find that good shit the entire fest , so i got superman and other stuff , not bad but as good as the white domino , the dealer told me it have around 200MG of MDMA i wish i can find it back at home

July 23, 2014, 2:43 pm GMT

shanti shanti (member since January 24, 2013)

One of these tested as low as 130mg

July 27, 2014, 10:21 am GMT