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Blue Diamond


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October 5, 2015
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Sadly I did not take any picture of the pill but they were identical to picture here

with a bit darker blue color, almost like polished.
Blue Diamond
Blue to dark blue
Nicely pressed with sharp corners
Suspected Contents
Unknown / psychedelic
User Report

-Size: small
-flavour: bitter at beginning , turns into little bit fruity to sour
-hard pressed, nice shape, almost looks polished.
-Breakline: no
-bought pill as 'MDMA medium'
-Content: Unknown

I have been visiting this site for a ages and decided to register and post my first report after last trip in order to warn others.

Bought medium amount of these pills with some people (it has been bought from trusted source…or at least we thought so) – prior to taking a pill I had light but healthy food, some fruits, iont drink and few cups of water. I also had some beer - others were drinking either more or none beer at all however effect was overall same for all of us that is the main reason why I am posting this report.

- Around 01:00 doing 40-50 mg of speed (makes coming up for me nicer if I do small amount of amph)
- 01:20 popped one pill
- 02:00 can feel a bit coming up but nothing strong or euphoric, just a bit wiggly eyes, pupils dilated as crazy (mentioning this because of later), no jaw clenching
- 02:50 nothing is happening, popped half of 2nd pill.
- Until 05:50 nothing is happening except little bit of funny colors around so we are going home
- Around 6:10-6:20 while being in the bus starting to have a pretty strong visuals (things moving, floor dirt shaping into animals etc)
- 6:40 got home, have visuals as hell – fish is roving around on the floor, plastic bags are melting, round things are rotating, statue is breathing and nodding etc. , also hearing SKA music that is not playing (well... at least it was SKA)... Drinking some water, eating fruits and some salty snacks.
- 09:00 still strong visuals, drinking water, can’t fall asleep – sweating like crazy.
- 11:00 visuals are not coming away – they actually come in waves, along with the sweating heat waves are coming and heart starts to race as hell.
- 13:00 identical to 11:00
- 15:00 visuals are still on, going to smoke some high CBD weed and try to fall asleep.
- 16:00 tired as hell, can’t sleep, rest identical to 11:00
- 17:00 everything identical to 11:00.
- Fell asleep around 18:00, had some crazy dreams
- 19:30 woke up. Still strong visuals, pupils dilated as hell with no reaction to direct light what so ever. Heart beat rate got little bit better. Sweating is still on. No appetite, overall feeling like shit – the others have better or worse experience – but very similar to mine.
- 23:00 managed to eat little bit. Everything tastes like shit but forced myself to have some proper food. Heat waves and fast heart beating comes and goes. Pupils are still dilated with no reaction to direct light. Visuals are still on.
- 23:30 smoking some high CBD weed that usually makes me asleep really fast
- Fell asleep around 02:00
- Waking up very often but managed to sleep from time to time until 11:00 – feeling very down and tired. Visuals are almost gone, yet some light funny colors still appear occasionally. Pupils are still dilated with minimum reaction to the light.

Now I know that you shouldn’t been drinking or mixing with pills. However similar to the same effects happened to another people that were doing this completely clean - that’s why I am posting this report and putting warning on – I will try to bring piece of the pill home, test it and update the report.
If anyone has any idea what this thing could be, please comment.

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bearlove2 (member since August 20, 2015)

thanks for the warning


October 5, 2015, 4:34 pm GMT