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December 27, 2015
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My first pill- looks nice, Green WhatsApp logo.
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December 27, 2015
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Okey, so this was my first time trying ecstasy, so I only took half a pill. Before taking the pill, I haven't eaten for 6 hours, but I ate immediately after taking it.

T+0:00 (20:15) consumed the pill

T+0:15 starting to feel relaxed, getting giggles from time to time

T+0:40 starting to feel lighter, just nice warm feeling. Noices started to sound louder.

T+1:00 colours got a lot brighter, euphoria started to kick in. Feeling full of energy and chatty. Really confident also. People seem really nice.

T+2:00 at the peak right here. Didn't really care about anything just wanted to enjoy the moment. Dancing a little bit, but no too much. Probably the most confident I've ever been in my life :) Drank some beer, just to make it more interesting. Peak was really nice, but it only lasted for half an hour.

T+2:30 slowly starting to come down, but still feeling nice and relaxed

T+4:15 end of the trip, feeling a bit sleppy, but not too much. I sparked a joint and took a few shots, the went to sleep around 3:30

No eye rolling or jaw clenching. Woke up next morning pretty fresh (maybe because of weed?), no comedown or anything.

But still, I'm slightly dissapointed, I thought everything is going to be more intense. I regret not taking the other half right before the peak. Overall, nice expirience, basicly nothing was bad, no paranoia or nousea. I'm just wondering if it was wrong to eat right after consuming the pill? Maybe the trip would be more intense if I didn't.


bearlove2 (member since August 20, 2015)

Thank you for your report and welcome to the site :)

It's strange that your first experience was so mellow, the duration of the peak etc just doesn't seem correct to me. These were originally lab tested at around 130mg which should be a nice starter dose.

Eating directly after dropping would have effected the high but not normally that much (unless it was a very large meal).


January 2, 2016, 3:32 pm GMT

chucky420 (member since February 19, 2016)

I tried these a couple of weeks back. Me and my friends tried this at our flat with no music on, it was very calming and peaceful. After around 40 minutes we headed to a club, the (general) effects (touch sensitivity, mouth grinding, heat) were kicking in.

Beware, this drug causes extreme hallucinations. which just 1 i was tripping balls but extremely euphoric. I didn't quite know what I was doing (was stuck to the speaker for a long duration). Avoid drinking bulks of water, nervous sensitivity increases in your stomach as well causing you to throw up.

I hit another 1 and a half.. terrible idea. Just after 5-20 minutes they both kicked in. I couldn't see shit, and didn't know if anything was real considering the visual hallucinations were intense however it was an amazing experience.

I did vomit, as i chugged 2 massive gulps of water which made me sick. I suggest drinking small quantities repetitively so that you do not feel sick. Avoid taking more than 1, 1 is enough either way. When the effect started wearing off I felt extremely energetic yet exhausted. Kept tripping my ass off (on and off) for 5 hours.

Coming down was terrible, spent 13 hours asleep, woke up dazed and feeling like an over used plastic bag. Hallucinations followed up 4 days after I took it (took another 2 different pills that same weekend which could have extended the effect)
5th day was the most terrible day in the calm down, extremely angry, sad and depressed, easily annoyed and barely spoke to anyone.

I suggest taking not more than 1 of these as they are rather "dirty" but they do offer an amazing euphoric, hallucinogenic experience. :)

February 19, 2016, 7:53 am GMT