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Pink Domino/dice


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May 3, 2016
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poison s0
Very hard pressed pill, hard to break with hands, had to use teeth.
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May 3, 2016
6 dots/1 dot
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0.4 mm
Hard smooth
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MDxx High
User Report

Got few of these and went to the party.
Party should have started at 21:00 but there were some problems with sound system so people waited in front of the door.

22:00--> Consumed 1 pill, staying in front of the club and chatting with friends.

22:25--> Strange, feeling nausea and definetly feeling the pill come-up.

22:45-->Club still not opened, eye wiggle, dilated pupils, thirst and the sight was blured.

23:00--> entering the club, music is awesome, buying water finally, the pill is being stronger and stronger.

23:50-->Consuming 1 more pill, everything is great, music is awesome, prefer chatting with strangers in bathroom than dancing, pupils dilated af.

00:30-->Second pill kick, high empathy/euphoria, drinking lots of water, it's hot in dance area, like really really hot.

01:30-->Dont feel like effects are going down, consuming 1 more pill, just extending my peak and feeling really really awesome.

02:30-->Still peaking, thinking how good and long lasting are those pills.

03:30-->Having some delusions, floor was melting and walls were kinda breathing, my shoelaces were glowing bright green.

4:30-->Come down not that bad, going home, really like walking through empty streets looking for taxi.

05:00-->entering home and just lying in bed checking messages on phone and missed calls.

05:20-->falling asleep.

10:30-->Waking up, feeling hungry but food has no taste, jaw hurting, not depressed, just didnt like talking to people that day.

After all these pills are good, they're safe and have really fast coming up. They are totally same as on picture, just pink, forgot to take picture by myself.

Cheers people


bearlove2 (member since August 20, 2015)

Thanks for the report, sounds like you had fun.

The breathing walls and floor can be a pretty strange experience

May 5, 2016, 9:40 am GMT

hellodealer (member since April 23, 2016)

nice report

May 5, 2016, 10:00 pm GMT

poison s0 (member since October 23, 2015)

it's pretty common to me when i take pure mdma in larger doses, so i guess these pills have pretty much mdma in them :) Thanks. Cheers

May 14, 2016, 2:48 pm GMT