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August 19, 2016
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Im writing this due to the fact im 100% these are a repress this is due to me purchasing on two separate occasions and receiving two pills with a small difference in the press and a large difference in the ingredients.

MD estimation 200mg+ & Potent psychedelic
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August 19, 2016
Music On
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Well pressed but not unhalveable
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Good evening PR,

Just thought to inform you of my experience with Music On pills purchased from a certain man of senegalese origins on the strip I had researched these and asked for them. I immediately recognised that there was a small dimple or bump on the pill this made me suspicious but told myself that this was probably a fault in the press rather than repress all together. I would also like to state that my MDMA use at one time was stupidly high (2 grams in a night affair) and have experienced hallucinations and can tell you one hundred percent that these hallucinations were not caused by MDMA. I have had experience with various psychedelics (DMT, LSD, 2CB Ket ect) and cannot pin the experience or visuals to any one of them but can only describe it as something between LSD and a high does of psilocybin if anyone has had the same experience from the pill or others please comment as i am curious to what i experienced.

I was using cocaine and went through about .4 throughout the night i can assure you this did not give me hallucinations as X who i went out with consumed none and suffered worse hallucinations than myself.

0120 - Arrive in strip go and purchase two Music Ons from the Senegalese dream team for X as i had previously bought mine. Followed by going to a bar had a couple of drinks there met a nice shot girl who chatted with us for a while.

0155 - I drop 1 pill, X who has done it a handful of times takes half we head to a musical revolution on a Tuesday. Need to clarify he had a half of my pre bought Music Ons as for some reason 30 wraps of clingfilm are necessary for wrapping two pills.

0220- Start coming up in the smoking lounge quite intense have a cigarette and a water feel good head into club, X is completely ectofied needed some time to conduct himself.

0300- Tunes were incredible was absolutely loving it as was X usual MDMA effects really good vibe chatting shit to strangers ect. I started tripping at this point strangers started zipping by me ect was at some points a bit intense as it can be confusing tripping when there are lots of people around you.

0320- Head to the smoking lounge had a cigarette X is really rolling security came over enquiring how he was X told him it was the music that was doing it to him he laughed and left us alone (quality doormen).

0400- Drop another one really tripping (people glowing neon colours) and absolutely loving the music and energy dancing away dicking about was really good. X drops other half.

0520- As all of my pre bought pills are gone i drop a third pill after gnawing through the wraps of clingfilm and take a full one and blast some more powder.

0645- We disembark from the revolution feeling pretty incredible we proceed to walk down the strip delirious and a smooth 7/10 fucked.

WARNING - This is a sidenote to all those who enjoy walking the strip early hours. For the second time that night I was met with fake smiles and "my friend" to procure some herbs for the after hours. I was so blasted i gave him a fiver he sent me to the bank to withdraw i proceeded to do this during the time i had my back turned X saw the man do a hand signal to "our taxi driver" I immediately was suspicious as neither X or myself had hailed one the West african man kept repeating "there is your cab" "there is your cab" we just walked on only for the shadiest bastard in Ibiza (not senegalese) chased us up the strip shouting things like "get in the car geezer" in a faux cockney accent we told him to fuck off which he proceeded to do so. X and I assumed it would be a situation involving us being dropped off in a rural location minus our wallets and phones. We walked further up the street for this guy to offer us illegal shit his colleague (not senegalese) proceeded to chat me up during this he said i look like ronaldo (I in no way shape or form represent ronaldo) and started pretending to play football with me in a poor attempt to pickpocket me (getting behind me feeling up my pockets) i immediately grabbed my phone which was in my back pocket he mistook this for a blade and backed off saying he wasnt looking for trouble. This freaked me out a bit and immediately jumped in a cab with X. X told me he also saw him giving the nod to his mate as i was investigating his stash. I thought to mention this as there is obviously a team of twats targeting people who are vulnerable I wouldn't want that happening to anyone.

0725- Light up and chill by the pool X suddenly reports extreme visuals such as palm trees turning into pineapples the ability to zoom and out with his eyes my head becoming ganesh ect. I at this point am receiving nothing like this and dont really remember tripping till later.

0740- X goes to bed i advise against it as i think its easier to trip outside. I lie on a sun lounger looking at a tree which suddenly becomes a planet like shape with its own orbit the trippyness felt so unfamiliar never the less i enjoyed the visuals which felt somewhat LSD like in regards to the overlay you get with LSD. Defenitely wasnt lsd btw.

0800-0945 I go to bed the MDMA is wearing off and the lounger isnt as comfortable as it was previous i lie in bed engulfed with hallucinations. A note about these hallucinations there were allot of auditory hallucinations to the point i was talking to myself or other entities and believed at one point the shot girl who i met at the bar was in my room this included various fractals constant dreamlike and intense hallucinations im really not sure how long this went on for but i did end up sleeping.

The next day- Essentially i was still tripping not from the MDMA but my curtains were moving across the room and shadows would turn into jungles and animals would swing from trees. The auditory hallucinations were still there as well and that tripped me out as i have never experienced next day hallucinations. I find out X tripped till about 1200 and had hallucinations similar but found things such as me tapping me on his shoulder asking if he was okay in the club and then being teleported back to his bed a little distressing. I just want to clarify how damn trippy these pills were.

I personally had an excellent time on these pills and would recommend them to people with experience.

Myself 3 Music Ons 2 of which i believe to be hallucinogenic

X 1 hallucinogenic Music ON

To further my argument for a repress i have a 2nd music on which does not have the dimple if anyone can leave a safe pic hosting website i would be happy to share that one as it does not have the bump and is a bit fucked from my attempts freeing it to the clingfilm fort knox it was in.

My reason for the warning is these were sold as MDMA and i personally believe they are adulterated with a highly potent psychedelic although i enjoyed myself i can see something going wrong for an inexperienced user.

Anyway hope all who come here enjoy themselves and be wary of what you buy and who you buy from I'm still to buy a testing kit but will definitely have one for next year. Stay safe.

Notice the bump to the top left of both sides of the pills.


thexperience (member since April 22, 2012)

tested clean

you overdosed, that the reason why you had an psychedelic experience

August 19, 2016, 11:00 am GMT

hagrid (member since March 6, 2015)

Right this is what i tried to clarify that it wasnt due to an overdose i can easily get through three 200mg sized pills in a night. X had 1 pill and suffered severe hallucinations as did I which were nothing like MDMA hallucinations as i have had those many a time if you read the report you would see that.

August 19, 2016, 11:51 am GMT

hagrid (member since March 6, 2015)

In addition if you look at the photo there is a difference in the one you have posted.

August 19, 2016, 11:52 am GMT

retrorave (member since July 31, 2014)

While these were certainly trippers (actually allowing me to have a fully encompassing experience where I could move trees with my mind haha) I don't doubt that they are clean.. Very very strong and trippy, but clean.

August 19, 2016, 12:16 pm GMT

hagrid (member since March 6, 2015)

dont get me wrong these dingos are defo mdma just over my five years of use never tripped as hard as i did with these pills which made me thought possible repress/psyc

August 19, 2016, 1:45 pm GMT

retrorave (member since July 31, 2014)

You could actually be right mate, had full ego loss when I got back to the hotel, my mates all said the same thing.. We tripped unbelievably hard, my mate actually kept on lifting a bottle of water to his mouth looking confused, turns out he thought it was a Vape hahah!

August 19, 2016, 2:39 pm GMT

hagrid (member since March 6, 2015)

Hahaha there great pills though at one stage i was talking to a wall thinking i was on the phone to my mum im certain there's something in these have another one which is lacking the nipple thing honestly there are definitely two versions on the island.

August 19, 2016, 3:20 pm GMT

donly123 (member since August 18, 2016)

I just want to clear a thing a few things about these pills. I used to take bics back in the days in Melbourne early 00's, I stopped taking them from getting old and because all the pills turned into garbage. I scored some of these in Playa a few nights ago and decided to test one in my hotel last night in small dosages. These bics kicked in after about 2 hrs of taking them in quarters. The feeling I got was none other than good clean MD that reminded me of the bics i used to take back in the days, despite what the OP wrote about them being a hallucinogenic.

Clearly the OP hasn't had good pills before, I did not hallucinate or see any pineapples, just happy lovey dovey MD. Just like any good pill if you pop too many of them you can start to trip balls a little which I imagine what the OP was referring to.

Based on my experience last night you will have a really good night on these and I would recommend them to anyone who can get their hands on them. If you're a newbie or semi retired like myself then maybe dump them in halves. I also would like to add i woke up today feeling fine and ate a big English breakfast.

Happy partying and enjoy them!

August 20, 2016, 10:58 am GMT

hagrid (member since March 6, 2015)

Right mate this is really quite simple obviously some of the dealers on the island are upset. I have in my possession a pill the same as the music on but different to the ones in the photograph. I don't care about your opinions on my clear lack of knowledge "good pills", this is a website for harm reduction not trying to make yourself look superior in pill taking on an anonymous website. I and another pill report user suffered hallucinations which personally were not MDMA. Hence the report hence the warning. I have various reports on different pills I'm merely trying to help.

August 20, 2016, 6:16 pm GMT

clearskies (member since September 7, 2016)

Best report I've ever read, I was captivated - absolutely hilarious!
Those beans sound insane..

September 7, 2016, 4:27 pm GMT