Pill Report: Yellow-White Heisenberg
Yellow-White Heisenberg


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August 28, 2016
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well pressed pill, hard to break, no break lines, yellow-white color, bitter taste, Walter White's Face (from Breaking Bad)
photo is not mine, but they looked just like these, but the texture of face was in better quality and the color seemed to be more yellow than this on picture (source : another pill report, I will try to take my own photo and update this report)
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August 30, 2016
Walter White's Face
Well pressed, 3D Heisenberg face
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
User Report

I've dropped 1 pill on a party last week and after approx. 1 hour I felt fuc***g great ! It was an amazing experience.

Then approx. 2 hours after peak I've dropped half of another Heisen with my friend (had to break it with teeth) and It boosted the first one and It was the best
feeling in my life.

Music is great, so is kissing and touching. I had to dance, but sometimes I just wanted to stay in one position and fully enjoy that beautiful feeling. Sweating as ****, I was really comunicative, even to ppls I've never seen before, every time I went outside with my girlfriend, we got stuck talking and kissing, It was great !

After 5-6 hours I felt that the feeling is slowly goin away, but I there were no comedown, I felt pretty damn in mood for the rest of mornin, went to bed at 6.

When I came home, I had no problem with sleeping, I slept well, also I was able to eat normally. No headache or another symptoms.

The next day after peak I felt good, my mood was perfect, had only positive things and thoughts in my head.

I really recommend these pills !
Very solid pure press.

I am not eating ecstasy for a long time right now so I don't have hight tolerance for MDMA now, but I think that about 175-200mg of MDMA should have been in this pill.

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xminiar (member since June 10, 2016)

These look awesome

September 23, 2016, 9:05 am GMT