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October 10, 2016
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hard to brake in half
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October 10, 2016
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i was going to a drum and bass party(my first) 3th time doing xtc
i had 2 of the pills it was a 3 hour ride with the train we came out of the train
10 min before we arrived i took a half
60 min in the party i diden't feel anything so i took an other half
30 min later i started feeling energized
and my hands felt verry tingly i had a verry good time till 01:00, i was drinking a lot of beers and not much water bcus i thought i was going to have a good time and my friends did it 2 (much more experienced) at 1:30 i toke an other half (btw was smoking weed like 10 times this night) from 2:00 to 4:00 i don't remember anything
from 4:00-6:00 it felt like my brain was on fire and i diden't have any tickets left to buy water and my legs hurt diden't have energy en not a good time i started drinking water at the toilets and knew somthing was wrong
we went to the train and i slept 3 hours

btw from 11:30-1:00/2:00 i had a good time popstickels were the best thing ever and every body was nice i also thougt the dj's were having black glasses on there face but when i looked good they did not. i had huuuge pupils,almost kissed a verry hot girl but just hugged bcus i was afraid she had herpes

i think if i drunk more water and less beer i would have had a verry good time, but it is a lesson for next times, my friends on the same pills had a verry nice time

my first report hope it wasen't to bad =)

also would like some tips so my next dnb party will be asome


dippi (member since October 13, 2014)

Those look like the OG HEINEKEN. The original ones were one of my most favorites

October 11, 2016, 6:00 am GMT

bernadotte (member since November 28, 2016)

"i was afraid she had herpes" jajajaj
its a nice report. i recomended that drink much water to keep you hydrated and chew gum.

December 11, 2016, 10:30 pm GMT

rocker05 (member since August 24, 2014)

was this pill light green or dark green? What about euphoria from 1 to 10? thanks

January 19, 2017, 3:19 pm GMT

k0uya (member since February 19, 2017)

I've had one of these yesterday 4 weeks after my last roll.
Location: Zagreb/Croatia

I'm not sure whether it was the light or dark one as it was already dark outside when taking it, will ask my dealer later.

9:10 - Dropped it
9:50 - The comeup begins
10:10 - I'm rolling
00:30 - The roll is slowing down, smoked some pot with friends
2:00 - Pretty much sober, feeling a bit cold, supplemented with Vit C 1g and Melatonin 5mg.
4:00 - Fell asleep. Woke up multiple times for 20ish mins and then fell asleep again.
14:30 - Finally got out of bed. Not feeling that bad, but have a weak appetite. Supplemented with 300mg St John's Wort.

The roll was quite nice and fairly speedy with racing thoughts and eye wiggles. Didn't gurn too bad but that's probably because I've learned how to control my jaw.
All in all, a decent pill, I'd give it a 7.5/10.

April 29, 2017, 1:03 pm GMT

k0uya (member since February 19, 2017)

I tried these out again, but they had no text (I guess it got worn out), were thicker and lighter - I was told it was a new press by my dealer.

I took them at a whim because I was drunk, I also had taken St John's Wort the day before to perhaps help with my DP/DR symptoms because I wasn't planning on rolling today.

Last roll was only 3 weeks ago, and I'm definitely abstaining from any stimulant usage for a good 1.5 months.

14.30 - Dropped the pill
15.40 - Came up, had to sit down and close my eyes since I got pretty floored
16.00 - Dropped another one, at this point everything gets confusing and I talk nonsense
17:30? - Smoked lots of weed, still talking nonsense
18.30? - Coming down gradually, started drinking
20.00 - Mostly sober (from MDMA), getting tired and just smoking more weed
22.30 - 100% sober, at a bar having a drink with friends
00.30 - In bed, supplemented with 3mg Melatonin and had 0.5mg Xanax to ensure restful sleep
9.30 - Woke up for the first time, still feeling pretty tired, had a few glasses of juice and a pack of Oreos, the only thing I had to eat in 24+ hours
14.30 - Got out of bed, feeling fine except for the DP/DR symptoms I've been having probably due to finals week

I feel like the SJW's SSRI/MAOI properties had diminished the roll, and the alcohol just made me retarded.

May 20, 2017, 2:32 pm GMT

halistax (member since July 30, 2017)

I'm fucking fucked on two of these right now!! They're amazing! My jaw is getting a seizure! Haven't felt that since my first run in with amphetamines....

July 30, 2017, 4:32 am GMT

jesuiskaas (member since February 14, 2018)

brugge, if anyone can getme something here
wickr= jesuiskaas

February 14, 2018, 3:52 am GMT