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Pink Ibiza


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March 28, 2017
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degradiven element
pink/purple oval pill with the word Ibiza written on it. straight line on the back of the pill. could easily be splitted. althrough it's not a soft one but i couldn't say it's a hard one either. somewhere in between. received a test one without any info what's in it. couldn't find any info about the pill on the web as well. tiny blue/green-ish spots can be seen when you split it.
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April 1, 2017
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took a half since there is nothing about this pill. 30 minutes later the effects were screaming "mdma". i have no marquise test, no knowledge in chemistry - only experience in munching. 40 minutes later music was screaming "mdma" as well. i was tired from work but my body was going after the beat. 60 minutes have passed by and im on the top of the wave. popped the other half. drank a beer. im pretty sure techno is the force that makes the world go round. can't stand still. want to smoke a joint but music distracts me too easily. doing circles in my room and feeling the music with my whole body. an hour and a half after i took the first half i can easily say that this is mdma. i've been doing speed regulary in the past 9 years,experimented with all kinds of research chems, pills and other shits.. to me this is a good pill for sure. truly enjoyed the next few hours and went to bed with a smile on my face. can easuily be enjoyed by pretty much everyone who can get his hands on if it and starts with the right dosage. people who have little experience should start with not more than half. maybe quarter. strong enougt pill. great for a night of dancing, great for a night with you girl, great even to be taken at home alone. will deffientely go back to this pill as soon as possible. excuse me for my not so helpful review. im just a user. if you know about the good pills that go around Sofia in the past year then you can be sure this is one of them.

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