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Orange Heisenberg


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August 24, 2017
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Be careful with these ones.
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August 24, 2017
Heisenberg Face
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I've taken this pill 3 times, and it was 3 bad experiences. First time was around may, i dropped an half around 21:30, everything was fine, smiling, good comeup, good Energy, i was with all my friends so everything was alright.
Around 22:30-23:00 i decided to take another half and that's where things became weird. I can't remember much between 23:00 and 04:00 but I do remember how I felt during the night and what effects I had.
So 30 minutes after the other half I started getting reversed MDMA feeling. Didn't have easy talking, energy but dont wanna move, just wanted to stand still and gosh, lot of visual effects. Not that I don't like visual effects, but it wasn't great. Colours were heavy, people's faces torn apart, hands also, but everything seemed normal to me. I wasn't smiling, but i was fully awaken, and lucid. I don't know why but it made me have the urge feeling to take more abd more and that's why I did, quarters by quarters. Dropped 4 of them between 00:30 and 04:00. Ended up taking two whole pills. At 04:00 as I was taking my last quarter, comedown was starting. Everyone was fucked up by alcohol, abd only 2 mates rolled that night. But they were in good shape. They didnt take the same pills tho. During the comedown i smoked a joint with someone and it made me feel like i couldn't move at all, and i was laying down on a bed, when i stood up to take some water, i felt like the whole effects i had this night were located in my brain, and when i stand up i would start to spread into my whole body, i couldn't hear or see for 1 minute and that was really creepy. After that i was heavily tired but couldn't sleep at all. So we stayed together in the living room but i wasnt feeling comfortable and these hallucinations got me again, i was freaking out so i tried to get some sleep and at last i succeeded. The two days that followed the party were horrible. Terrible sleep, even had sleep paralysis for the first time in my life and 3-4 days weren't enough to fully recover from this party.
I met these pills 2 weeks later, I'll make it fast for this. I decided to give this pill another chance and anyway i had pay for these(my friend bought them with my money) I was in a club this time with some good techno. First half was awesome, the other one was terrible. I had TOO much energy couldnt stand still was creepy but didnt wanna talk i only did shit this night talked very bad to people even a friend of mine and that's not my kind i never do that since i'm very lovely lol anyway my friend felt it was okay with these pills. A lot of visuals again, but no so creepy this time. When i came home i was feeling very bad and tired for 2 days again.
That was a while ago like 3 months, and that was my first and only bad expérience with pills. Recently some of my friends told me about these pills i havent heard of it for a long time. And they seem to be back on the market. Funny thing is that my experienced buddies vomited with these pills and they told me that they felt like I did 3 months ago. That's why i decided to write a report, this is my first one and I recommend you guys to avoid this pill. They got me fucked up pretty bad and I don't wish that to anyone! Sadly i have no pictures but it looks like exactly like other Heisenberg pills in orange color. Stay safe, and happy partying !


mr juppid (member since March 27, 2014)

Maybe you had just depleted serotonin so much
2 weeks between roll is not good dude you know it.

August 25, 2017, 5:24 pm GMT

bogman (member since March 27, 2008)

Sounds horrible, if i was to guess i think so MCPP in the pills. without lab results who knows.

September 4, 2017, 3:35 pm GMT