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Green Phillip Plein


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February 17, 2019
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MDMA content is about 160mg-180mg per pill (the roll I had from taking one pill roughly compared to a roll I would get from taking more or less 0.2g of Crystal MDMA)

My friend's Marquis test result: Dark purple to Black (Positive for MDxx)

Pills have some small dark green specs (not clearly visible unless you take a closer look, let alone in the picture)
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February 18, 2019
Phillip Plein
Light Green
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Marquis Reagent
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Background story: Haven't took MDMA/XTC since new years eve (1 month 16 days break - always trying to space out my rolls). Took one pill on empty stomach. Had few glasses of sweet wine before dropping, so I was tipsy and had a mild headache due to the fact that I didn't drink water while drinking sweet white wine.

T+0:00 - Chased the pill down with some water.
T+0:25 - Quite strong nausea sets in to the point where I considered going to the bathroom and puking my guts out.
T+0:30 - I'm coming up, nausea stays the same. Some discomfortable flooring sensation.
T+0:40 - Nausea goes away. Euphoric effects like feelings empathy, love, confidence and oneness with your friends set in. Dancing to music, touching and hugging each other feels great. Also, using Snapchat or Facebook is difficult due to nystagmus/eye wiggles. There is 1/4th of pill left, because my friends took half each and I decide to take it for a minimal redose.
T+2:50 - The peak starts to subside while offset begins, but euphoria is still prevalent enough for you to dance your ass off, melt into the couch or have a hug fest.
T+3:50 - Pupils almost gone back to normal. I'm almost sober apart some residual jaw clenching and afterglow feeling.

I drank some beer and wine, got a cab to greasy train station district to buy a dime bag of weed at about 2:30AM :D Got back, smoked a fatty with friends, ate couple of frozen pizzas and watched some Trailer Park Boys on Netflix for an hour or so while others went to sleep, no noticeable negative after-effects so far. Woke up next morning feeling fine. Definitely recommend this pill. Better reviews than most common presses like Rolls Royce in Vilnius right now.

Žodžiu geri ratai, imkit jei yra :D

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scatterday (Administrator)

Thanks for testing and reporting.

Sounds like you had a great night! :)

May 15, 2019, 11:40 pm GMT