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December 23, 2020
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i think butylone or something can be mixed with heroin or some other op / sedative drug!
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8.5 / 8 I bought 2/3 pieces for approx. On the first day I took 1 and a third tablet divided into 3. I barely felt the first thing. I vomited from him 3 times. But I came down at 3:30. He was still a little upset at the time, but it wasn't much of a beloved flash. But the first half was seated, sleepy or just calm.

I started on it a day by sucking it all up in an hour. This was completed in 18 minutes. But I didn’t feel that’s why I threw a whole thing at T + 1: 00. So he gave a minimal feeling of love. But not exactly like mdma. It wasn’t as intense, it was deep and it was stenciled. After that, at T + 1: 35 it started to weaken this time. Which I didn't understand because I got it the day before at T + 3:30. When it weakened I bought three more quarters. But it didn’t give back the effect completely so I threw a whole more at it. This has already brought him back. After that, I tossed every 20-40 minutes. At the 5th tablet, I could already feel my left chest pain. And there are plenty of good, nice hallucinations. But when it gets a little weaker you decide to snore 2/3 and take a whole. This is when your heart begins to ache. He stops the music and goes to bed. There is a minimal beloved but in the same way in a template. Intensely hallucinates with eyes open and closed. But he feels more of an opus-like calm. And he doesn't remember much of the trip. You cannot pee under its influence. And after 6 2/3 tablets, even after the effect for a few hours, it is sedentary. And there is a sense of calm as well. The other day my buddies said it was boiled in butylone or similar and I still have a little Heroin next to it. Which may not be. It could be another sedative or op. But that may be the only effect of the designer himself.

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