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Blue Punisher


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February 9, 2021
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I didnt had the pill myself, it was given to me by other people. I guess it was a not so hard press because it crumbled down to dust real easy. The color was not a strong blue like other punishers but like a soft lighter blue like in the photo. The photo is not mine, but it was similar.
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I´m not sure if the pill is adulterated or not but I felt like I should tell my experience.
Even thought some people at the party took it and fell fine other peolpe didn´t.
I only took a little bit and felt just a bit energised but the night after I had the most horrible nightmare ever and suffered from sleep paralisys that felt like a lifetime of torture.
Other guy also took it (I dont know how much tho) and reacted very very weirdly. He was stuck in the same sentence and couldn't talk about anything else. He went from person to person to have the same conversation and eventualy crashed on the couch. Something I´ve never saw.
Consume at you own risk, but my opinion is that the popularity of this blue punisher got so big that a lot of variants came up with different shitty chemicals in it.
Personaly I wouldnt take it again and would stick to mdma in crystal form that is usualy much more pure and never gave me this kind of problems.
Even if you dont know anyone that sell it you could easily get it on the deep web, and I feel thats a lot saffer and cheaper. Its a fucking amazon for drugs with reviews and reliability a sketchy street dealer can´t match.
Stay safe and have fun ;)

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watergirl12 (member since September 20, 2021)

Thank you for posting! Came across these as well and did perform an inconclusive test. These things are knockoffs and bad news. From stories from friends what we’ve gathered we can guess that there are traces of MDMA (per test) but mostly bath salts and meth. I’ll be posting a report as well with a photo of our test we performed. People are pushing these as “top-tier” rolls.

September 20, 2021, 1:26 am GMT