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Adderall 30


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May 25, 2023
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Mandelin turned yellow to reddish.
Could be meth or just amphetamine or RC
Not phenidate
Firm, looks solid, hard to break
Infinity mark, 3 0 other side
Orange, brown
Round, sphere
10.0 mm
5.0 mm
Soft, elegant
Cut, precise
Suspected Contents
Marquis Reagent
User Report

A small background: I'm very intelligent mid 30s guy and also very impulsive and stupid but never had problems with the law and I have my calm and rational mind which serves me great and on the other side I'm fast adrift daydreaming if not amused or interested and have brain fogs tha fucks started to frustrate me last year or two...Well, it's an older test kit so I once tried methamphetamine a long ago, than one of this pill was tried a month ago without testing and I have tollerance to stims, pretty wired up for hours and my AdHD symptoms were slightly haywire but was feeling ok or great, than I got 4 of these from a friend and he and I said You know it's hard that this is adderall, but last one was not that good in shape and size and texture, like these 4.
Also very firm hard, like those MDMA WB pills from 2016. Marquis showed yellow, reddish and I think that says nothins as meth/ amphetamine it is or some form. Of RC. its not DRI or Phenidates, cause I have prescription for Concerta 72mg. And tried a lot of varieties of stims.
HERE GOES: 12PM: took one on empty stomach with glas of water and 5mins before a glass of water with sodium bicarbonate.
I usually feel or felt XTC or any pill before 7 friends of my crew years ago
12:15: small scalp numbing not like in apstinence from aphetamines
12: 30: I'm fucking ChatGPT 5.0., Have great memory and It is my free day so I took the liberty to work on my project and I was Flying in reading, taking, editing, filming....
14:00 or 2pm: still if not better and day was beautifull so continued to work, time is flying also on stims but also I do something on good ones and on pot the contrary.
16:00 4pm: still felt as my pregabs prescription 300mg does nothing to diminish I closed case as methamphetamine and caffeine maybe or ephedrine in fillers.
18:00 6pm slitgly jittery ate some tunasalad
19:00 went on my couch backpain and lied also I sorta meditate like that and fall asleep just for an hour
Woke up and cleaning a little and smoke a cig. Feeling ok pregabalin can smooth the edges
22:00 I read something than I took half of the pill smashed it to rail or intranasal to see if it burns and no, there is no burning whatsoever, but this is another one same adderall 30.
+15 mins strangely not a taste of drip it's almost sugary and no very high, high feeling.
+1hr O the same feeling again and I forgot my libido is high just from seeing normal dressed women on TV.
Be carefull, this pills are definitelly came to EU and it's a gamble always test it.
Start low cause if this pill has 60mg or 100mg methamphetamine you could easily drop cold if no tollerance.
Stay safe

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